TR5C robust, very sensitive,                        medium fast
resonance frequency with      hook                700Hz             tweezers          650Hz range                           0-100mN.
can be equipped with:
tweezers TW0.5
hook HO 0.5
TR5S very robust, very sensitive,                        rather slow
resonance frequency with hook or tweezers                                 300Hz range                                        0-100mN.
can be equipped with:
tweezers TW 0.8
hook HO 0.8
resonance frequency with      hook                1.2kHz             loop grabber    1kHz range                           0-200mN.
is delivered with:
TR6S  very robust, sensitive,                                        medium fast
resonance frequency with      hook, tweezers or                         loop grabber            800Hz range                                  0-200mN.
can be equipped with:
hook HO 0.8
tweezers TW 0.8
TR6C robust, sensitive,                        very fast
TR7S very robust, large range,                         very fast
resonance frequency with      hook or                            loop grabber    1kHz range                           0-800mN.
can be equipped with:
hook HO 1.5
TR2C extrem sensitive           
resonance frequency     400Hz      range                           0-100┬ÁN
loop grabber LG 0.8
loop grabber        or             hook 
loop grabber LG 0.8
loop grabber LG 1.5
This transducer is designed to measure the force of single muscle cells It is recommended to use it in combination with the MYOSCOPE system
the dimensions of all our force transducers are the same
the bridge amplifier is suitable for all our force transducers
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The balance of the bridge amplifier is coarse adjusted with a rotary switch. The fine adjustment is made with a precision ten gear potentiometer. The sensitivity can be adjusted between X1 and X50 with a rotary switch. Using the software MYODAT the adjusted sensitivity is mediated to the program adapting the force scale properly. An extra BNC output allow reading the signal with any other instrument.
The large variety of the available force transducers allows to meet the different characteristics of the investigated muscle types
The dimensions of all our the force transducers
The bridge amplifier